What is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ? Care, Prevention and Treatment

What is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ? Care, Prevention and Treatment

Arthritis considered to be a disease of the elderly can also happen to children. When the doctor says that your child has arthritis, that is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, you do not believe. Because you have not given any special significance to his seminal fingers or early morning weakness.

What is Juvenile Arthritis ?

Arthritis is known as the disease caused by the elderly. If the child has arthritis, or Juvenile Arthritis, then it is not less than the shock for parents.

The point of concern is that people do not have awareness about JRA for adolescents. According to studies, on average, one in 1,000 children is suffering from  JRA.

The biggest problem is the lack of treatment for this disease, but there is a delay in treatment. Ramaniak Mahajan, senior consultant for Orthopedics at the NOVA Surgery Center says that at least two cases that come in every month, in which JRA is very high in children.

It is important for the treatment of this disease to be recognized as soon as possible ”

What is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ? Care, Prevention and Treatment

JRA starts with swelling, burning and pain in the joints. The symptoms of rheumatism taking children into their grip are more serious. The reason for this is not known. Dr. Amit Sharma, a rheumatologist at Max Hospital, says, It is due to some reasons, we do not know anything yet.

It can be done again even after treatment. It can be due to genetic reasons or from the virus and bacteria present in the environment. There are many types of JRA. Which can damage the joints, bones and organs permanently, if not treated properly. ”

Dr. Mahajan says that “According to that the terminology of the International League Association for Rheumatology, it is now called Juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Juvenile Arthritis is not TB:

The biggest problem with JRA is that it is often considered TB of the bones. Dr. Mahajan says that any disease that can not be detected, is considered TB. However many symptoms of TB meet with JRA.

In the joints of children, the complaint of gossip ignores parents’ pain, seasonal distress, infection or injury, while in fact parents may be indicative of JRA.

JRA affects the entire body, causing swelling, fever or rash in the joints. Dr. P.K., Head of orthopedic at Rockland Hospital. Dave says, “Often JRA’s initial symptoms are pain in the joints, or swelling. As the joint jumps, the symptoms become as serious. ”

Treatment of Juvenile Arthritis

What is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ? Care, Prevention and Treatment

In JRA treatment, attention is given to relieve the patient from pain, reduce potential problems, and improve his life. The method of treatment depends on the stage of illness and the severity of its symptoms.

Swelling-less steroids-free medicines:

Used to reduce pain and swelling. These medicines can restrict it to the JRA at the initial stage.

Anti-rheumatic medicines preventing disease from spreading:

They do not allow disease to spread, relieves joint junk, swelling and pain.


These are made from antibodies and artificial proteins called ‘targeted treatments’. This treatment is for serious arthritis, when other treatments have been neutralized.


When oral medicines begin to neutralize, there is only one way to get relief – Hip Replacement. Although doctors advise that as long as the patient can handle themselves, the hip replacement should be avoided.

Relaxation from lifestyle changes:

Lifestyle change, healthy diet and workshop for children suffering from rheumatism is very important. Says Dr. Sharma, “It is very important to lose weight. Medicines can lose weight. But daily calorie intake is very important to face it. Also, regular exercise can be found to provide relief for long periods of time. ”

Only in 19 years of grip:

26-year-old Shiv Chhetri, who is working in a multinational company. He was hit by arthritis at the age of 19. At that time he was in college. Unable to climb stairs or sit for long. Chetri left his studies midway. They say, “Even after hospitalization of several hospitals, doctors were unable to find out the reason for my unbearable pain. With my arthritis increased my hip badly got worse. Joint replacement surgery was done to protect the hips. Chhetri says, “After six months of surgery I started walking”.

Exercise in pregnancy will keep the child fit:

What is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ? Care, Prevention and Treatment

The new research done in the United States and Germany has shown that. During the pregnancy, the mothers who exercise, blood vessels of their baby are more healthy, even when they are adults. They are protected from many other diseases including heart.

In the study of researchers from California State University of America. For the first time, it was revealed that exercise during pregnancy has a good effect on the flow of the baby’s blood, which remains even when grown. Exercise is able to protect children from various diseases, including the artifacts.

This research was done on pregnant pigs, which was exercised on a treadmill for five days in a week for 20-45 minutes and found that the exercise of fertile females was healthy even when the children grew up. This study is published in the Journal of Experimental Physiology. According to doctors, light exercise is beneficial.

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