What to do to control Diabetes

What to do to control Diabetes

In today’s changing lifestyle, people are giving themselves up to many diseases. People do not even know which diseases they are under the grip of. One of these diseases is diabetes. Sugar or diabetes is a disease that slowly hollows the body. If this disease happens to someone once, then it does not leave it with it for life. Here we discuss about how to control diabetes.

This is a disease that can be controlled but it cannot be completely eradicated. But it is also very important to remain in control.

Because if sugar is not under control then it can also prove fatal for you. There can be many reasons for having diabetes.

Earlier diabetes used to happen only after the age of 40 but nowadays children and young people have started growing very fast

Even though it cannot be eliminated from the root, but yes, if you adopt the tips given below, then you can definitely keep it under control.

So let’s know how to control diabetes. By adopting these tips, your big and low diabetes will be completely under control.

But it is better to contact the doctor once before adopting these prescriptions so that you do not have any kind of risk.

What is diabetes and how are it

Diabetes problem arises when the amount of blood glucose (blood glucose) in the body is high. For your information, let us know that bulk glucose is considered to be the main source of our energy.

You get this through food. Diabetes is caused by low insulin penetration in the body’s pancreas and increased blood glucose levels.

Insulin is a type of hormone that controls the amount of sugar in the human body. Once diabetes occurs, increased levels of glucose in the body start damaging various organs

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is more common in men than women. The main reason for spreading diabetes is mostly your deteriorating lifestyle or genetic. There are three types of this.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is mainly due to beta infection of the pancreas. Due to which insulin cannot be produced in the body and for this reason, patients suffering from type 1 diabetes have to take insulin in the body in the form of injection from outside.

It occurs in very young people, whose age is between 12 and 25 years.

Type 2 Diabetes

When the amount of insulin in the human body is very low or the body is unable to use insulin properly then this condition is called type-2 diabetes. As the disease progresses, insulin deficiency may also develop.

Blood sugar levels are very high in type 2 diabetes. In this situation, the body is unable to use insulin properly.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs when the blood sugar level of a pregnant woman increases. It can also happen to people who do not already have diabetes.

However, this problem also ends after delivery. But insulin is used to reduce it during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Diabetes

If a person is prone to diabetes or diabetes, then some of the initial symptoms are, such as frequent thirst, frequent urination, tiredness, blurred vision, loss of weight without reason, wounds.

Do not fill up quickly and have headaches etc. In Type 1 Diabetes, symptoms can develop quite rapidly. Whereas in Type 2 Diabetes, symptoms develop very slowly.

Diabetes Causes

  • Diabetes is a genetic disease if someone in your family has had this disease then you also have an increased risk of getting diabetes or sugar.
  • If you eat too much fried food or fast food, then it also increases the risk of diabetes.
  • People who are overweight also have an increased risk of diabetes or sugar.
  • If you consume sweets too much, then this is also a reason for increasing diabetes.
  • Staying Tention increases the risk of diabetes so stay away from stress.
  • Do not exercise or do any manual labor.

How to control diabetes

You have got a lot of information about diabetes above, so now we will tell you about what is the treatment of sugar disease and how you can  you control diabetes

Ignore Do Not Walk – Walk Daily

If you are already facing sugar problem then the walk is not less than any medicine for you. You must wake up early in the morning and walk about 1000 steps daily.

This will not increase your weight and your sugar will also be under control. When you lose weight, the body becomes sensitive to insulin, so that sugar is controlled.



If you are a patient of sugar, then first of all you start exercising and doing yoga and along with it, definitely go on morning walk. This will control your sugar and will always feel fresh.

Take care of food:

Diabetes is a disease that can increase and decrease at any time. Its growth and occurrence are both dangerous. So it would be better if you keep it under control. For this, you have to take special care of your food and drink.

Stay away from excess oil and spices. you can eat green leafy vegetables, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, oranges, and grapes with low calorie food.

Apart from this, you can also take egg, fish, cheese and curd Increase the amount of salad. Do not eat more than one bread less than you are hungry.

Improve lifestyle for control Diabetes:

An important reason for increasing sugar can also be the ongoing turmoil in your mind. So if your lifestyle is right then your mind will also be calm.

So do every work on your own time. Wake up early in the morning and try to sleep early at night. To avoid mental stress, do yoga and meditation daily for about 30 minutes. This will help you a lot in controlling sugar.

Insulin Injection:

When insulin is stopped in the body, doctors recommend diabetes patients to inject insulin.



Sugar patients can also control their sugar level through medicines. For this, doctors recommend medicines according to the disease.

What should diabetics eat to control Diabetes – Diabetes Foods and Diet

  • Sugar patients should include fresh fruits and omega-3 fat sources along with green vegetables in their diet and should also consume fiber.
  • Diabetes patients should also take some bitter things like bitter gourd, fenugreek and berries in their food. Apart from this, spinach, gourd, tomato, broccoli and brinjal should also be used.
  • Diabetic patients should consume guava, orange, papaya, amla, lemon, pear in fruits, this keeps sugar under control. Reduce the use of potato, rice and butter.

How to Diagnose Diabetes

Every month investigation is necessary for control Diabetes1:

Sugar can also increase and decrease in a moment. So it is better that you get your checkup done every month. So that you can know whether your sugar is under control or not.

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