17 Nutrition and Health Tips for Healthy Life

17 Nutrition and Health Tips for Healthy Life

Here are 17 nutrition and health tips that are actually based on good science. These are very small but important tips which you will keep healthy and fit by adopting.

1: Healthy food

Food is an important source of energy. So eating the right amount and the right type of food at the right time can make your life healthy. Most of us eat things that are not healthy to calm the velocity of our rhythm. Many people have told that regular practice of meditation has become easier for them to eat healthier meals.


2: Do not eat fruit after eating

Generally people eat fruits after eating, which is a wrong habit because the fruit is already digested by nature and the energy does not need much energy to digest. It takes 3-4 hours to digest food. If we eat fruit after eating, then the fruits are quickly digested and the digestive meals begin to affect. Those who have previously eaten should first be considered. Therefore fruits should be eaten before eating. Adopt this health tips.

3: Promote vegetarian food

It is said that the same food like food will give priority to vegetarian food because the vegetarian diet is more quickly digested than meat and less stomach related diseases are less. This is the most recommended health tips that you must follow.

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4: Dinner 3 hours before sleeping

Dinner should always be done by 3 hours before sleeping, because when our body sleeps at night, millions of cells are kept in re-production and resuscitation. In such a situation, if we go to sleep immediately after eating food then our body will be able to build cells The place will spend its energy in digesting food, which has negative impact on our health. If possible, drink 1 glass of lukewarm water before sleeping at night, this food is digested too quickly.

5: Do not drink water while eating

We know very well that the food should not drink water while eating. Because when food is in our mouth then our tongue recognizes the quality of eating and the appropriate digestive acids begin to leak in our stomach. In this, we drink water with food, the capacity of these digestive acids becomes light and the food becomes light Digestion is interrupted. Therefore, we should never drink water while eating.

6: Water in appropriate amount

In our body 70% of the quantity is water so that at least 4-5 liter of water should be consumed daily. Drinking water in the appropriate amount does not constipation. Water should never drink from RO because the water is removed by reverse osmosis and all water is removed from the water and the water is dead so you should be treated  water.

7: Do not stop stool for long

We should clean the stomach twice a day: we should clean our stomach at least 3 times. We can learn from the infants how to observe the natural way of cleansing the stomach. They are stuck as often as they are beaten by mother’s milk. Use natural methods and prevent the toxic elements and acidic remains from remaining 24 hours in the body.

8: Increase the amount of raw food

Raw food refers to sprouted grains, raw vegetables such as carrot girls, cucumbers, sweet potatoes or other vegetables that you taste delicious. The food goes nutrition after cooking food and photo chemicals are converted to toxic chemicals. Therefore, the habit of eating more and more raw food.

9: A habit of breathing deeply

Breathe deeply: We use only 25% of our lung capacity and breathe mostly lightly, which is a wrong habit. Practice deep breathing for healthy breathing so that the lungs get more space to spread. It gives us many advantages such as the brain is concentrated, the stress is low, more oxygen also results in less pulmonary disease. Following your heart also receives high amounts of oxygen. Thereby reducing the likelihood of heart disease.

10: Yoga exercise or Visit

Yoga exercises or excursions: In the morning air pollution is minimal, so take a habit of yoga, exercise or walking every morning. Whatever three of you think fit, make an integral part of your life, because this habit is very important for your health.

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11: Drink warm water before going to bed

Drink warm water before going to bed: Take 1 glass lukewarm water every day 1 hour before going to the morning. By doing so the stool becomes loose so that the diseases like constipation, gas etc. also remove and also increase stomach stomach uptake.

12: Quality and quantity of our sleep

When you are tired, what is the first thought in your mind that I wish I had a nap? Along with adequate sleep (7 to 8 hours), the quality of sleep (how deep sleep is) is also an important factor, which affects your health.

How does your sleep quality increase? One of the main causes of inappropriate sleep is stress. Harmonic stress reduces with regular attention. L As a result, the mind becomes calm and sleep becomes deeper and more comfortable.

13: Be active

We have to do a lot of work in a day and we want to do our best to our capacity. Some day we are very active and some day feel lazy. Many people who practice regular meditation tell that meditation keeps them more active and happy all day with ease. If ever they feel tired, unwelcome or depressed, then only a few minutes of meditation re-energizes them.

14: Give enough time to yourself to unwind

Have you ever noticed that your productivity increases when you give the mind and body the opportunity to rest? But often we complain that we do not have enough time, we have to do a lot of work, right? A good way to relax yourself is to meditate. Just keep your eyes closed and calm down after 20 minutes sitting on your eyes.

Along with meditation, there may be other ways to relax themselves. Any hobbies or anything that gives you rest Such as reading a book, playing with a pet, and so on. The good thing is that meditation enhances your performance, so that you get the job done early and get more time for the holiday.

15: Enjoy your work

Just think, when are you most happy with your work? When that work is of your mind, is not it? But this happens only when you do your best. Because, when you do good work, then you are satisfied and that satisfaction brings happiness to your mind.

How to do your best? One answer is meditation. Meditation is a simple way – concentration increases with concentration, efficiency increases by focus, and productivity through efficiency. Increased productivity increases job satisfaction.

16: Good social health: 

You must have heard that humans are a social creature. An important part of our health is social health. It is based on what kind of people we interact with. It would always be good that we have people around us to share our happiness and happiness.

In the days of need, you can also get help from your society. So how can we create a good social circle? It is our nature to sit in society and to befriend friends. And we can always increase this quality.

Meditation makes us sensitive to others. It also develops the qualities of acceptability in us. Improves our communication and expression. Having all these qualities, we can make good relations with the people and this also starts a healthy participation.

17: Improve Immunity: 

Meditation at one level enhances our immune power and reduces the chances of getting sick. At the second level, if you are sick then meditation accelerates your recovery process

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