Best Healthy Food for Breakfast List

Best Healthy Food for Breakfast List


Everyone needs strength or energy to stay active all day. Whether it is rich or poor our elders from ancient times, it is advisable that we should have breakfast early and healthy. By doing this, we also feel hunger properly and our digestive system is also right. So let us know which are the best healthy food for breakfast list that you must eat.

Having breakfast in the morning keeps our body as well as our mind healthy, this thing said by our elder today is applicable from scientific point of view also.

We avoid many physical problems by having breakfast in the morning. It is also necessary to have breakfast in the morning because we are on an empty stomach for the last 8 or 10 hours and if we do not take breakfast then our body will lack energy.

Breakfast should include only nutritious food and avoid junk food as junk food can cause many diseases.
So let’s know which foods you should eat.

1. Bean Sprouts –

We should start the day with sprouted gram. Nutrients like vitamin minerals are found in plenty in gram.
Gram contains fiber, protein, which makes it beneficial in diabetes.
Gram is helpful in strengthening the digestive system and is also beneficial for the eyes.

2. Apple –

Apple is one of the delicious and nutritious fruits. Much like eating apple, the heart remains healthy and bones and muscles become healthy and strong. It is beneficial for the brain as well as for the tooth.

3. Banana –

Bananas contain fiber which is helpful in our digestive system. Bananas contain iron so that it is beneficial in is beneficial in High Blood Pressure.

4. Papaya –

Many types of nutrients are found in papaya, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium etc.
A small papaya also contains 60 grams of calories.

Being the main source of papaya, it helps in reducing cholesterol. Papaya is rich in vitamin A which helps in increasing our eyesight. It takes care of the retina. It also provides relief in cataract from its intake.

Papaya contains beta carotene and vitamin e. That is why the consumption of papaya also gives relief in constipation problem.

Papaya keeps us away from many diseases that have digestive problems, they do not feel hungry. He should consume papaya in breakfast every morning. We also get many medicinal properties in it.

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5. Watermelon –

Watermelon Eating watermelon in the morning breakfast is very beneficial. You can also make juice from it. Watermelon Our body is in great need of water and watermelon is also a main source of water.

Eating watermelon removes the lack of water in our body. Watermelon is helpful in keeping the brain cool. Watermelon contains lycopene, which improves the skin. This heart disease is also beneficial in cholesterol.

Watermelon contains vitamin A, so our body is very good for your eyes which contains vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. It makes the body’s immune system strong. It eliminates anemia

6. Melon –

Melons contain 95% water. Eating watermelon at breakfast is very beneficial. Vitamins and minerals are also found in abundance in it.

Consumption of melon keeps us from dehydration and it helps in keeping the body cool as well.
Melon does not allow the body to lack water.

The melon contains vitamin A beta-carotene, which helps in increasing eyesight.

7. Oats –

It is also very good for health as it is easy to make oats. Many types of nutrients are found in it.
Oats along with nutrition are very beneficial for our health.

Cholesterol in oats honey is also very beneficial in high BP.

8. Cornflakes-

Cornflakes help in increasing the energy level in the body. Iron pipamine vitamins, etc. are found in the complex.
Eating 100 grams of cornflakes provides 357 kcal. It is also helpful in digestive system.

9. Sago khichdi –

Sago khichdi is as delicious as it is nutritious and it is also very easy to make. It contains carbohydrate which is a source of energy. It is also helpful in weight gain.

Sago is also beneficial for pregnancy, blood circulation and digestive mental health. Iron is found mainly in sago, that is very important for human body. Its main function is to make red blood cells.

10. Poha –

Poha is a Gujarati dish but it is famous all over India. It is a very tasty dish and it is very easy to make and it is a digestible food. It contains carbohydrates and iron which gives us energy by eating.

And if it is also relieved in constipation problem, HA is helpful in increasing immunity and hemoglobin. Poha is used in vegetables and etc., which makes it a mineral vitamins mineral source.

This is also relieved from stomach related diseases by eating and blood pressure is also under control. Many experts believe that poha is the best snack diet.

11. Upma –

Upma is always beneficial for morning breakfast. It is very healthy. That is why it can also be given to patients. Fiber and minerals are found in excessive amounts in it. The special thing is that fat is not found in it at all.

There is also no risk of cholesterol rising from it. The amount of glucose in semolina is low. That is why it is also beneficial for diabetics. Many types of vegetables and nuts are used in it, so it increases its nutritional content.

Iron is found in it, due to which its intake causes anemia and increases the amount of blood in the body. Consuming it daily gives us health benefits and it does not take long to digest.

12. Porridge –

Khichdi is a digestible food and it is very easy to make. It is extremely beneficial for the stomach and it does not take too long to digest. That is why doctors also advise people to eat khichdi.

In khichdi, a lot of vegetables are used in lentils. This makes it even more nutritious. The amount of minerals and vitamins in khichdi increases. Eating curd with khichdi is beneficial.

It is helpful in reducing obesity, so one who is on diet. If you want to do it, then you must eat khichdi. Khichdi is also very beneficial for diabetic patients. Khichdi can also be given to a 6-month-old baby.

But keep in mind that the khichdi given to children should be made a little thin. Spices should never be used in khichdi.

13. Oatmeal –

The more nutritious the porridge is, the easier it is to make. It can be prepared in both sweet and salty ways. The biggest advantage of eating oatmeal is that it does not take too long to digest. Fiber is found in it.

It is also beneficial in stomach problems. If you want to eat salted porridge, then you can put many precautions in it so that the nutrients are increased further. If you like sweet food then use nuts in it, then even then its nutritional elements increase.

It is found to be manganese which controls diabetes, so it is also beneficial for patients with diabetes. This protein is once the main source and can also be given to young children.

What not to eat in breakfast –

  • Usually, in the morning breakfast in the houses, people eat food like paratha, pakoras, which is very harmful, due to which the effect reduces appetite throughout the day and also reduces energy. It is very harmful for health.
  • Items like bakery, such as cakes, should be avoided. We should avoid ingredients like pizza, burger etc. as it has a very bad effect on health and it hinders physical development.
  • Avoid eating spicy or non-veg breakfast in the morning. It is harmful to health.
  • In the morning breakfast, you should not consume the fried items of the market and only homemade items should be used.

Problems caused by not having breakfast in the morning-

  • Not having breakfast in the morning can cause us to face all kinds of problems. This is the problem. It can be very harmful for us in future.
  • Having an empty stomach in the morning can cause acidity. Not having breakfast can cause constipation.
    Not having breakfast can lead to many problems such as headache, loss of appetite etc.

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